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The Laboratory of Freshwater Ecology is studies biology and ecology of aquatic plants: their life histories, evolutionary strategies, population structures and dynamics. Some research is aimed at understanding anthropogenically induced changes in lakes and at developing improved strategies for protecting, renaturalizing and revitalizing them.

Water environments can reveal laws of nature that might not be discovered from research in forest and field, because aquatic habitats create ecological systems which are structurally and functionally simpler than those on land. That makes these systems a very attractive subject for exparimental study. The research brings together Laboratory staff, doctoral candidates and undergraduades, working as team.

The Laboratory staff also perform expert analyses, including diagnostic studies of the Kashubian Lake District. Saving the Kashubian lakes is a high-priority conservation task. To broaden and deepen these commissoned studies, scientists from other fields are often invited to participate.

The water environment and its abundant life forms offer us land-dwellers a novel extraordinary world. Explore it with us.